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Alysha Rickman
Marketing Coordinator

A really awesome bio for Alysha is coming soon!

Maureen Brockman
Art Director

With a background in consumer products and complex project development, Maureen will push design execution farther than imagined. She has a unique ability to take a complex concept and create a clean, concise design solution which resonates with both business and consumer markets.  

Amy Wood
Digital Designer

With several years of experience in Social Media Management, Digital Design, Motion Graphics, and Typography, Amy has honed her skills to deliver visually stunning, yet functional designs. She is constantly talking about the latest new technology, software or plugin, attempting to make our work lives easier, automated and running smooth in a digital world.

Destiny Saunders
Account Coordinator

Destiny has worked with companies across a variety of industries and business sizes and nerds out on tabs, tasks and calendars. She makes chaos look organized in a creative space. Her role at velvettheory straddles both client and project tasks, while showing everyone the latest trends for social. And, making us do embarrassing things.

Andrea Budd
Managing Partner, Head of Creative

As Head of Creative, Andrea looks at challenges from every angle. She works her magic, combining experience and intuition, to help shape everything from production and design to high-level strategic plans. A firm believer in foresight, Andrea gains a deep understanding of your brand’s potential and fearlessly charts the course to help you to reach it.

Kirstie Carruthers
Managing Partner, Head of Accounts

Kirstie is the steadfast bridge between internal creative and research teams, and the clients they work with. She has a unique ability to translate the chaos of creativity into well formed insights, then back to the bullpen of ideas for refinement. She is a decision-making force, able to lead her team with a cool head while never losing sight of the human in all of us.

Velvettheory understands creative talent in a way that they are free to explore and celebrate success. Everyone in our employ is involved in the initial creative processes and are encouraged to submit ideas, insight and experiences as customers themselves.
We aren't here to simply add another "choice" to the market but to truly create a different environment for our clients and our staff. As important as client success is to us, so is employee success. It is of utmost importance to velvettheory that we all maintain a balance in our lives and that we are there to support each other with respect and honest communication.

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