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“Our mantra is simple. Design with purpose. Write with intention. Look from every angle. This is how we can create beautiful things in a business-minded environment”

andrea budd // head of design
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Velvettheory is an agency founded by diverse-thinking individuals who set out to improve client experiences while expanding the horizons of strategy + creative thinking. We operate from different vantage points giving us exceptional views; We see the evolving paths to your ultimate goal, and do the work to pave the way.

Kirstie Carruthers

Kirstie has a decade of rich experience working in advertising and marketing firms largely focused on campaign based work, and gets her thrills from measurable data. She shares our obsession for campaign success. Her skills revolve around efficient communication, careful planning and micro-iterations that deliver impact. She has a keen ability to understand your audience’s needs, and uses both data and experience to craft well-prepared plans for execution.

Andrea Budd

Andrea’s experience spans all facets of an agency, from production and design to high-level strategic plans. For the past 15 years she’s co-created (with a diverse set of clients and partners) long and short-term contracts that build out design systems to execute thoughtful brands from the ground up. Her years of hands-on experience supplies the fuel for her personal creative manta ‘Design with purpose, write with intention’.

To her, foresight is a brand’s greatest super power. And as CCO and Head of Design, she works with teams and tools to gain a greater understanding of where a client wants to be – then does the work to get there. As a leader, she operates with an experimental mindset that believes only through exploration and encouraging learning, does growth happen.

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