Design with purpose. Write with intention.

This is how we create a space where creativity and truth are intertwined, realized and expressed through our work and the brands we represent.

Perspective is everything.

Your solutions will change depending on how you view your challenges.

When brands can see through their customers eyes, it helps them understand and communicate their value clearly.

We are not storytellers.

Our actions are based on experience, instinct and research combined. We do not manufacture stories. We do not stretch a brand’s truth to fit our ideas. Instead, we observe.

We see from all angles, depths and vantage points to identify threats and craft meaningful solutions for brands in all stages of their growth.

We are a house of perspective.

We operate at a 3 ft distance from our clients, with the perspective of a 30,000 ft view.

When we look at problems from head on, above and all around, we co-create solutions with a broad perspective and execute them strategically.

we are velvettheory

Connect with us and connect with your audiences.

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Velvet Theory Inc.
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